Using Genealogy Software

Be sure to check out all the report options with any genealogy software program you have. Sometimes looking over certain reports points out problems that may otherwise be missed. The other day I was trying out one of the report options in which the program I use will actually calculate the age of the person for a certain event in their lives (provided you've input a birth date). I discovered one ancestress who gave birth to her first child at the age of twelve. Another ancestor was listed as having married at the age of eight. Needless to say, this meant I needed to go back and double check that I'd entered information properly and what my sources for the information had been. Since I'd also included information on conflicts regarding certain dates, it helped to clarify which birth date was the more likely to be correct in a couple instances. Had I not checked out this particular report option, I might have missed these mistakes in my data.

Genealogy Software

Shopping for genealogy software can be a lot like looking for the perfect vacuum cleaner. Like vacuums, most genealogy software contains some common basic functions. Also like vacuums, the true differences in the products are the attachments and features, or “bells and whistles,” that come with them. And in the same spirit as technologies that were inspired by or built to work with vacuums (such as the hair dryer or those strange vacuum-based haircutting systems), there are software programs and service products that work with genealogical databases to help you use your data and further your research.

More About Genealogy Software

As you find out more about your family history - you will find yourself gathering more and more pieces of information. It will help immensely if you organise this information systematically from an early point in your research. Although this can be done manually using notebooks, files and card indexes, computers can really help you not only to store information but also to view and print out that information in many different ways without retyping it.

It is possible to use existing programs on your computer (such as word processors and spreadsheets) to store information, but it can be much more straightforward to use a package specifically designed for managing your family tree. Such a package will not only store pieces of information about individuals but can also track their relationships to one another. They also give you many different tools for presenting your information – from reports and colourful charts to fully coded web pages in some cases. So Choosing Genealogical Software with care will make your tasks easier.

MyHeritage Makes Family History Research Easier With Launch Of Family Tree Builder 3

New software makes it easier to automatically find long lost relatives, publish content to, and print your family tree on one page.

Family Tree Builder 3 also makes it possible to upload videos and documents to family websites on, giving people new ways to preserve their heritage and stay connected with relatives worldwide.